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Dress Pattern Articles

Out Of The Big Smoke

Two former tobacco kilns were remodelled to provide calm spaces in a family home.

Apa Enters Holding Pattern

THE $11 billion Qantas takeover is scheduled to close this Friday but it is quite possible that, at the end of that day, Airline Partners Australia will still be in a holding pattern.

Princess Highway

Who Self-taught designer, Mark Burnett, launched Princess Highway in 1997, after cutting his teeth as a freelance pattern and sample maker.

Get The Look Or You Don't Get A Look-in

A pattern book dictates the designs for Sydney apartment buildings and that's a recipe for dull architecture, writes Elizabeth Farrelly.

Judging By The Pattern, Designers' Next Step Is `it' Status

Just one year ago, graduating fashion students Michelle Jank and Anthony Kendal were among the young hopefuls setting up their outfits for the annual exhibition of award-winning student designs at the Powerhouse Museum. Out of this year's prize-winners, two names leap out as marked for stardom: Justine Taylor more